No on HB 114


Despite having just won a victory in late 2016 to end the freeze on Ohio’s clean energy standards, clean energy advocates now find themselves fighting the same battle over again. In 2016, 34,018 people signed a petition, 10,541 wrote personal letters to the governor and during the lame duck session, right after the election, 1,702 people called their lawmakers in an 18-day blitz, all to get Ohio’s clean energy progress back on track. The governor listened and vetoed a bill to extend the freeze. Certain members of the Ohio House of Representatives somehow didn’t get the message.

Last spring, House Bill 114 (HB 114) was introduced. This bill is even WORSE than the bill defeated in 2016, and would gut newly reinstated clean energy standards by making them voluntary for big utilities like FirstEnergy, Duke, Dayton Power and Light, and American Electric Power. The standards, which ramp up investments by the utilities year-after-year, are on track to accomplish the very modest goal of meeting 12.5% of Ohio’s electric needs from renewables, and energy efficiency savings of 22% by 2027. Mandatory standards provide market stability, send a strong message to clean energy industries (and those that provide parts for this industry) that Ohio is a great place for renewable investments and help our state attract big businesses like Amazon that have renewable energy commitments of their own. Most importantly, the standards reduce Ohio’s dependence on dirty coal for power, protecting public health and our precious natural resources. 

We must not let lawmakers beholden to energy and utility lobbyists derail our progress toward clean air, clean water and a healthy economy. Even though more than 70% of Ohioans, representing voters from both parties, are supportive of transitioning from coal to clean energy, some of our elected officials just aren’t listening. Please help us turn up the volume by signing and circulating this petition.

500 signatures

I support Ohio Citizen Action's campaign to transition Ohio away from burning coal and toward greater energy efficiency and renewable energy use by:

  • Supporting strong, mandatory energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by Ohio utilities to meet or beat the goal of 22% energy efficiency savings and 12.5% renewable energy generation by 2027
  • Defeating HB 114, or any other bill designed to stop or reverse progress toward the above goals.

Will you sign?