No on HB 239 / SB 155


Last year, Duke Energy, FirstEnergy, Dayton Power & Light and American Electric Power revived their customer bailout request for the Kyger Creek and Clifty Creek coal plants, which they co-own. 

Rather than apply to regulators, this time they're working through the state legislature, via HB 239 and SB 155.

If passed, the bill would guarantee customer subsidies of $300 million per year until 2030. In addition, the utilities could apply for for future extensions.

All this is to say nothing of the environmental and public health impacts of keeping the plants open. Kyger Creek alone has contributed to a toxic “blue haze” that prompted AEP to buy out the nearby town of Cheshire, OH and is estimated to cause 280 asthma attacks and 18 deaths per year.  

Using customer dollars to keep these plants open is wrong because:

  • No additional benefit is offered to justify the increase
  • The actual benefit to Ohioans comes when the plants close for good and stop emitting pollution

  • Propping up these plants delays the inevitable transition to clean, renewable energy

Please help us defeat HB 239 and SB 155 by signing our petition below.

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I support Ohio Citizen Action's campaign to transition Ohio away from burning coal and toward greater energy efficiency and renewable energy use by:

  • Supporting strong, mandatory energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by Ohio utilities to meet or beat the goal of 22% energy efficiency savings and 12.5% renewable energy generation by 2027


  • Defeating HB 239/SB 155, or any other proposal designed to force customers to pay to keep operating outdated, unprofitable, polluting coal plants.

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