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Ohio Citizen Action started in 1975, and has grown to become the largest grassroots environmental and consumer group in the state. Since 2007, we've focused primarily on energy issues. Why? Because Ohioans suffer terribly from our state's reliance on coal for electricity:

* Our air quality is third worst in the nation

* Our adult and child asthma rates are higher than the national average

* Toxic coal ash threatens the 16 million people who depend on Lake Erie and the Ohio River for drinking water

It doesn't have to be this way. At Ohio Citizen Action, we hold government and corporate decision makers accountable through public education, organizing and grassroots mobilization. Our field and phone canvassers work diligently to counter the influence of nearly 100 professional energy and utility lobbyists because we understand that informed and engaged citizens are the best possible hedge against abuses of government and corporate power. We've trained generations of activists and have a long track record of success. In fact, we've won more than 75% of our campaigns in the last decade with our strength-in-numbers strategy.

One of the secrets of our success is that we figure out ways for everyone to get involved, whether they have a lot of time or just a little. The email bulletins, to which you've just subscribed, often include an action step to impact the issues you care about. You should also check out our Activist Tips and visit our website at  http://www.ohiocitizen.org often, for the latest news. You can also magnify your impact by forwarding our emails to your friends and family.

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