We need to fix Ohio's wind law now

Ohio wind energy development has stalled since 2014. A last-minute amendment slipped into that year’s budget bill increased the required distance between a turbine and a building or property line. Eight projects in the pipeline at the time were killed and no new projects have been approved since, because the new setback law made wind projects unfeasible.

Before the law changed in 2014, the industry spent nearly $1 billion building several wind farms in northwest Ohio. Taxes and lease payments for those original projects are on course to pour $1.07 billion into local economies, including construction and operation, lease payments to property owners and taxes to schools and local government. If we fix the wind setbacks law now, a potential $4.2 billion in economic development in our state could be unleashed.

We can’t let Ohio fall behind in clean energy.

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  • Ohio could attract economic development by fixing the wind setbacks laws.
  • Companies that want to invest in Ohio care about where their energy comes from - and we’re falling behind.
  • Ohio is #1 in the nation for wind-related manufacturing - let’s invest in our own state.

Will you sign?