Ohio Legislators:

Let Ohio doctors and nurses do their jobs

Doctors, nurses, and emergency responders need to be able to quickly treat and protect patients - and themselves. Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Ohio Legislature just passed a new law that won’t let them do that.

The new law makes it easier for oil and gas drillers from Texas and Oklahoma to use the notorious practice of fracking, a combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Fracking involves high-pressure injection of toxic chemicals underground to get oil and gas out of the rock.

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As a doctor, nurse, firefighter or other emergency responder I urge Ohio legislators to fix the problems in the new hydraulic fracturing (fracking) law, Senate Bill 315, that - -

  • Make it nearly impossible for us to get crucial information about toxic chemicals used in oil and gas drilling - information we need to do our jobs and protect ourselves
  • Prevent us from protecting public health by prohibiting disclosure of this information
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