Looking for MORE than a job?

You’ll find it at Ohio Citizen Action. This is the chance to roll up your sleeves and make a difference. You’ll get to know the environmental issues and the people they affect in our area. Here, you can really put your values into action by earning a living and making great friends doing it.

Ohio Citizen Action is Ohio’s largest environmental organization. Since 1975, we have been leading the fight for clean air, clean water and consumer rights and we’ve grown to become the premier grassroots mobilizing and organizing team in the Midwest.

Ohio Citizen Action organizes and mobilizes people to advocate for public interests. In person, by phone, and online, we engage people in actions that protect public health, improve environmental quality, and benefit consumers. Our campaigns connect Ohioans and build a movement to protect democracy and create a sustainable future.

We’re empowering residents one by one, bringing them news and information where they live or contacting them by phone. We call it “door-to-door democracy” and it works. With the help and contributions of our members, we have taken on some of the biggest companies in the world and won.

There’s still work to do. If you’re up for a rewarding job that will change you as much as it changes the world around us, you need to join our team.

What We Do

We succeed one door at a time!

Ohio Citizen Action has pioneered many of the approaches and techniques now widely followed by citizens groups across the nation. Our campaigns use the power of community organizing to convince major industries to prevent pollution at their facilities. We even wrote the handbook on Good Neighbor Campaigns.

Are we effective? Yes! We helped convince American Municipal Power to cancel plans for building a new coal plant along the Ohio River in Meigs County. The area currently has four coal plants within a 12 mile radius. On mountaintop removal, we were part of a coalition that won a policy change which would allow few, if any, new mountaintop removal permits to be approved. We convinced Ohio State University President Gordon Gee to step down from the board of Massey Energy, the coal company leading the charge to extract coal from our Appalachian Mountains by blowing the tops off of them.

Our success relies on individuals just like you who go into neighborhoods, petitioning, fundraising, dropping off information, and recruiting members and volunteers. We’ve made over 8.5 million front porch visits in our years of serving Ohio. We know that’s what keeps us growing and vital, and what makes our work a success.

We are currently working on transitioning Ohio away from burning coal for electricity and toward greater energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. We think this is one of the most important issues we could be working on because our success will mean lower electric bills, cleaner air and water, better public health and a stronger economy.

If these are goals you agree with, why not work with us?


Our hours are 2:00 pm until 10:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Full-time employees earn from $400 – $515 a week, which works out to $20,800 – $26,780 a year. Part-time and seasonal positions are often available as well.

Ohio Citizen Action offers paid training, vacation time, and generous health benefits including dental. You can also take advantage of our opportunities for internships, college course credit, travel and national conferences.

Working at Ohio Citizen Action will also bring rewards well beyond the pay and benefits. It will teach you things about yourself—and about teamwork, leadership, discipline, and communicating—that you will use for the rest of your life. Yes, it’s hard work. But you’ll have a lot of fun. Plus, you’ll find having a job with so much impact on the world extremely satisfying!


We offer internships year round and on a seasonal basis at both of our headquarters in Cleveland. All majors and areas of study are welcome to apply. To be considered for an internship, all that you’ll need are good communication skills and a passion for community issues. We have the most positions available for Campaign Staff internships.

Campaign staff internship

This internship is a paid internship, and is full time. The intern typically earns credit by keeping a journal during the campaign experience or recording their experience in some way, and writing a paper or giving a presentation following completion of the internship. The length of the internship varies based upon student need.

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Abby Filer

Abby Filer

Your interview

Ready to learn more?

Call or contact us to schedule an interview. This first part of the hiring process is informational and brief.  After the initial interview, qualified candidates will be scheduled for an observation day, which is an opportunity for you to come in and check out the job for yourself.

So, take the first step now! Call one of our offices to set up an interview.  You can also e-mail your resume. You can reach one of our staff members between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm EST. They can help you set up your interview with our staff director so you can get started as soon as possible.

Call (216) 861-5200 Ext. 308 

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