US EPA: Ohio is not the oil and gas industry’s toxic waste dump

The U.S. EPA is the ultimate authority over injection wells in our country. They conduct an audit of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ injection well program every few years. Unfortunately, their most recent audits heap uncritical, praise on the ODNR’s injection well program, and show no initiative to actually correct the ODNR’s many deficiencies.

Given the continued expansion of fracking in Ohio and surrounding states, it is essential that the U.S. EPA exercise its authority to protect Ohioans from the threats of underground waste injection.

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To protect Ohio's people and water from the dangers of reckless fracking waste injection I urge U.S. EPA Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman to --

  • immediately suspend the authority of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources over Ohio's class 2 injection wells
  • conduct a full, thorough audit of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources's injection well program and correct all problems with it before reinstating their authority

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