Stop the bailout and support clean energy

First Energy and American Electric Power have proposals pending at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) for financial bailouts of the Kyger Creek, Clifty Creek, W.H. Sammis, Stuart, Zimmer, Cardinal and Conesville coal plants, and the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant. The estimated price tag to bail out FirstEnergy’s Sammis coal plant and Davis-Besse nuclear plant alone is now estimated at $4-5 billion and climbing. 

The utilities want to force us to buy the power from these old expensive plants, for eight years or more. This is a subsidy that flies in the face of the state policy to promote competition. Their proposals protect the utilities from risk, while placing all of the risk on the ratepayer. Governor Kasich appoints the five commissioners of the PUCO, and can pressure them to deny these bailouts and support competitive electric rates for Ohio consumers and businesses. 

In 2014 the Ohio legislature passed a two year “freeze” on Ohio’s renewable energy standards, which have saved customers $1.03 billion in just the first five years. The legislature’s “study committee” recommended a permanent freeze, which even Governor Kasich called unacceptable. Governor Kasich and our legislators need to end the freeze now and start promoting clean energy and energy efficiency in Ohio.

I support Ohio Citizen Action's clean energy campaign to --

  • Stop the financial bailout of Ohio’s outdated, least efficient coal plant and nuclear plants, which would be funded by customers
  • End the freeze on Ohio's renewable energy and energy efficiency standards for utilities, which have saved Ohio businesses and consumers $1.03 billion since 2009



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